Our 2015 Secret Santa program

We had an amazing amount of 2015 Secret Santa replies. The children’s surprising looks on their faces, their shocking reactions and many smiles from ear to ear say it all. What seemed to surprise the children the most was actually receiving the gift they had been wishing to receive. The amount of shocking faces was unspeakable. Their reactions are unspeakable. They can not get over the generosity their 2015 Secret Santa’s have gifted to them. They will never forget the 2015 Christmas experience they had. Being able to go back to school and tell their friends that they had a wonderful Christmas holiday is very exciting to them. We sincerely would like to thank all of out 2015 Secret Santa’s, for helping make these needy children so very happy! They are still very happy, because they honestly never thought they would receive the things they so dreamed to have. They all know their parent(s) can not afford the things they wanted so badly.