About Us

Big Hearts with Helping Hands of Arizona Organization is a legally registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are here to support abused, neglected, developmentally disabled, disadvantaged children, pregnant children and homeless children can ask us for assistance, while they look for a. Single homeless parents can come ask us for assistance, while they look for a job and agree to also work on getting their high school diploma. It is important to us that they get a high school education, because that is one of their first steps for being able to get a job, that will allow them to care for their child(ren). Families and children in need of Emergency respite, emergency child welfare protection, a safe place to find someone to talk to, get away from violent situations can come to us for guidance. Our City of Challenges program will help disadvantaged, abused, neglected, disabled, pregnant and  homeless children come together to learn to help one another. Children helping one another is better than harming one another. This is our place to do our best to help as many children as we can, so we can help put an end towards the emotional outbursts that can cause abuse, neglect, hunger, children’s near death and children’s deaths. The City of Challenges is working on getting the funds to build the children’s homeless housing, where we would also like to have a place to help benefit homeless children with medical care, provided by medically licensed professional doctors and nurses, as they join our mission to help children.

The City of Challenges will also help with children’s others needs, organize our activities around their education efforts, share ideas, and publicize our “City of Challenges” mission. Here is where we will be empowering abused, neglected, respite for autism spectrum disorder, assistance with developmentally disabled, pregnant teens, single parents and homeless children through housing, education, support services, gardening and ranch skills. This includes instructions in everyday life skills, responsibilities and animal therapy. These children benefit by learning different trades, that will enrich their lives in the future.

Want to get involved and help us find the funding to get the funding needed for our “City of Challenges” program facility? Please let us know by E-mail us.

The Big Hearts with Helping Hands of Arizona Organization is working hard to protect children’s safety. By having a place for respite care, special education, giving help and child care assistance to parents and provide help to abused, neglected, developmentally disabled children, new moms and single parents in many ways. We want our facility to house 50 plus children at any given time, but we need your donations to help us accomplish this construction goal. The children will learn everyday responsabilities, gardening, cooking, eating foods they grow, have goats on sight for goats milk, chickens on site for fresh eggs, horses on site for equine therapy and recreational activities. Pet therapy and learning how to properly care and handle animals is important for children to learn at an early age. Autism Spectrum Disorder in children can benefit greatly through our special education, equine and animal therapies. Homeless children will have a place to come, AFTER we add our free medical clinic for children and their homeless family members. Doctors and nurses will offer to donate their time to help run this clinic. Help make this facility a place many needy children can enjoy coming to. We need your donations, grants and support to put smiles on these children’s faces. Please consider making a donation to help many underprivilaged, disadvantaged, developmentally disabled and homeless children. Children’s youth has so much to offer and is a terrible thing to see go to waiste! These children deserve to have a place to learn life long experiences, that will enrich their lives in the future!

  • We need your help to protect many children from abuse, neglect & homelessness.
  • Your donation will help us benefit many children in need of our help & services.
  • Children with Autism need a school where they can excel & receive respite.